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At FastenerUSA, we are a major online provider of corrugated nails and fasteners for experts in the construction industry. We can deliver precisely every material they need so they can complete their job quickly and accurately.

Our inventory of wood joint fasteners includes three different gauge sizes that work for various applications. From truss construction to manufactured housing, our high-quality and durable fasteners can assist you in any job. Moreover, we offer unbeatable prices to help our customers efficiently handle every job.

Browse our fastener inventory for the ideal gauge for your construction work. We are confident you will find the perfect fit.

Fast & Free Delivery on All Your Fastener Orders

We pride ourselves on maintaining all of our items for sale in high stock. Moreover, we understand how important it is that you obtain your corrugated fasteners as quickly as possible. This is why we are committed to providing fast packaging and shipping on all items.

Most of our items get delivered within a day or two. The best part is our fast shipping is entirely free so you not only get your nails and fasteners on time, but don’t have to worry about spending extra on shipping.

All About Our Fasteners

What Are Corrugated Nails?

They are thin strips of wavy metal that are mostly used to secure the joints of two wooden pieces. The grooves on these fasteners are what makes it durable and strong to hold the wood together. Moreover, their shape makes them very easy to insert. They are mostly used on wood-related applications such as manufactured housing, truss assembly, and more.

Where can I use corrugated fasteners?

These fasteners are mostly used on woodworking projects such as framing, wooden furniture, millwork, and more. Their shape makes them both easy to insert and highly durable and strong. At FastenerUSA, you can find wood joint fasteners at unbeatable prices and in various gauge sizes.

How Do You Use Corrugated Fasteners on Wood?

Corrugated nails are applied using a corrugated tool, also known as a miter nailer. These are similar to a gun nailer but they are specially designed to drive the uniquely-shaped wood joining fasteners.

Highest Quality Fasteners Online

At FastenerUSA, we strive to offer the highest quality products available. We distribute products by the best manufacturers, ensuring durability, holding strength and efficacy for your job. The best part is, we do so while still offering unbeatable prices, which means you pay within your budget without sacrificing quality.

Browse our fastener selection for the products that meet your needs, while resting assured you will get a product that’s of the greatest quality available. Whether you’re working on a framing or wooden furniture job, getting your materials from FastenerUSA equals a superior end product.

Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.