Find the Best Copper Roofing Nails at FastenerUSA

We are the only national distributor of many of the top manufacturers of copper slate roof nails. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality materials to help you complete your project. At FastenerUSA, we offer a wide selection of slate nails for slating and roofing applications. Browse our website for the right type of copper nail for your project.

About Our Copper Slating and Roofing Nails

Our copper roofing nails are available in a variety of lengths and they come in packs of all quantities. Pick the right gauge and quantity of slate nails for your project at our site, and never waste another nail.


You can use copper nails in a variety of construction jobs. These include copper metal fabrication, clay and cement roofing, copper gutters or eaves, saddlery, and farrier work. Additionally, you can use them for plywood roof decks, floor and skirting boards. Moreover, they work for the installation of insulation panels and roof shingles, and even boat building. Interestingly, you can also use slate roof nails for getting rid of tree stumps. By hammering the copper slate nails into the stump and covering them with soil, the oxidizing process begins. This process in turn poisons the stump and kills it.

Why are copper nails used for roofing?

Despite copper being a more expensive metal than galvanized steel and aluminum, its long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. Building roof slates with copper flashing held together by copper roofing nails will last for many years. This is a huge advantage when compared to galvanized or other ordinary nails. Their durability allows you to save money on maintenance and repairs characteristic of other types of nails. This selection of nails is designed for copper roofs and other metal projects, as copper is resistant to rust. Especially in those projects that require the constructed material to be durable. The metal's anti-corrosive properties make these nails ideal for outdoor applications, as well as for ACQ treated lumber.

FastenerUSA, Meeting Your Copper Nails Needs

When it comes to copper nails, FastenerUSA supplies high-grade smooth and ring shank nails for all kinds of construction work. We carry a wide range of nails of various lengths and gauges to suit everyone’s nail needs. This includes builders, DIY enthusiasts, and people who are simply out to fix their broken roof tiles. For your roofing and slating needs, we recommend our rink shank nails for superior holding power. Because of their annular threading, these nails possess a high pullout resistance compared to smooth shank nails. Don't risk the stability of your roof with galvanized nails that may lose their protection when being hammered in. Using nails made from steel, aluminum, and brass for your copper roof may also compromise its stability. The diamond pointed tips of our solid copper slate roof nails allows for an easy insertion. Additionally, they minimize damage to your metal sheets. Call us toll free at (877) 593-2131 to inquire about our copper nail sizes. Currently, our nails range anywhere from 3/4" to 3" in length with a large 3/8" diameter flat head. You may order our nails by the pound with 1 lb, 5 lbs, and 25 lbs packs available. We offer free shipping anywhere in the USA, and you can expect your order within 3–5 days. We also don't require a minimum to order from our store. Give us a call. Our trained staff will be happy to accommodate you or answer your inquiries about our copper copper roofing nails.

Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.