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Authorized Max Concrete Tool Distributor #1 in America for Nationwide Max Rebar Tier Service

Did you know that Fastener USA offers professional "in-house" factory authorized repair services for Max Rebar tiers? We accept RB217, RB218, RB397, RB398, RB398S, RB401T-E, RB441T, RB517, RB518, RB611T, and RB655 models for repair. As a Concrete Tool Distributor Authorized by MAX USA we have the most up to date bulletins and technical equipment required to restore these tools to original factory specifications and settings. Due to our systematic approach and technical skill, we have earned a large base of very satisfied customers nationwide.

Our MAX RB technicians have been awarded high level certificates of service training from MAX USA Corp. Our MAX RB technicians have attended update/service training seminars from New York, NY to San Francisco, CA. Due to this extensive training FastenerUSA has made a name for itself in the MAX RB community.

We will take your tool through a systematic step by step process:

  1. Notify customer upon arrival to our facility
  2. 360° visual inspection
  3. Battery life inspection
  4. Preliminary tie test
  5. Complete teardown of all parts
  6. Visual inspection of all internal parts
  7. Review updates according to MAX USA Service Bulletins
  8. Retrieve tool history through circuit board test
  9. Complete internal electronic diagnostic
  10. Provide service estimate, await customer approval*
  11. *99.00 Diagnostic Fee per tool + Return Shipping applied to declined repairs (waived upon approval of service)
  12. 100% internal and external parts cleaning
  13. Replace worn and/or damaged parts, install updates if applicable
  14. Re-grease with new factory approved grease
  15. Re-assemble and restore to MAX factory settings
  16. Tie testing (minimum 30-40 ties)
  17. Notify customer upon completion, arrange shipping


* Fully insured through UPS. Signature Required.

* Shipping charges apply for service shipments outside the mainland United States. 

To send your RB tool(s) in for service please follow steps:

Fastener USA

Attn: RB Service Dept

961 N. Emerald Ave, Suite F

Modesto, CA 95351

Don't forget to include your completed Work Order form!

  • That's it! One of our Certified RB Service Technicians will contact you as soon as your tool arrives to our Service Department, notify you of your Tool(s) safe delivery, and then prepare a service estimate along with the estimated time of completion.

All service customers are provided with an estimate for approval prior to service.

Questions? Contact our Service Dept. | Phone: (877) 593-2723 Ext: 133 | email: rbtech@fastenerusa.com