Flooring Cleat Nails

FastenerUSA, the Hardwood Floor Cleats Provider for Flooring Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts

FastenerUSA is The Source for Hardwood Cleat Nails for hardwood flooring enthusiasts of all skill levels. Our FleXCleats are what sets us apart from other brands.

Other providers use glue to collate their strips of cleats. The result is a very brittle product that breaks into tiny strips when driven into hard flooring. Most of which you can't or simply don't want to use. Sound familiar?

Why are FleXCleats the preferred product by countless flooring professionals across the USA? It's because our FleXCleats use superior collation technology providing easier handling with less breakage.

The results? Our high-quality powernail flooring cleats are flexible, not brittle. This translates into less waste which means more savings for you when you finish the job.

Our cleats are made from high-quality steel and are technologically designed with a ribbed shank to produce maximum holding power. Additionally, they simultaneously decrease the chances of squeaking on your flooring project.

Meeting All Your Flooring Cleat Nail Needs

Contractors, developers, and refurbishing experts know that knowledge alone is not enough. Having the tools and resources readily available is a natural necessity. We at FastenerUSA are here to bring the pieces of the puzzle together for you. And we do so by providing only the highest quality flooring materials for any application you need.

At FastenerUSA.com, you can find 16 gauge L-shaped Hardwood Floor Cleats in 1 ½” and 2” lengths. We also offer brite or 304 stainless steel grades and packaging counts of 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000. Our 16 gauge T-shaped Powernail Flooring Cleats are currently only available in 2” 304 stainless steel.

About Our Shipping

We are proud to offer unbeatable prices in construction materials for customers nationwide. Our cleats are available for shipping free of charge anywhere in the USA, with no minimums. Few other places are going to provide the level of quality products so affordably priced like the ones found at FastenerUSA.com.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Aside from providing high-quality and reliable products, FastenerUSA has a team of highly dedicated and experienced customer service experts. Our team is available via phone (877) 593-2723 or email to answer all inquiries.

Our number one priority at FastenerUSA is customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our products. We are readily committed to ensuring you get the most out of your buck today and always. We are the company to trust for all the materials you need in any project. For top-quality products at unbeatable prices, order from FastenerUSA.com today and experience the difference.

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