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Eliminate Pull-Through When Installing Felt, House Wrap, and Foam Board Insulation

Using Bostitch SB Caps is the method of choice for fast and efficient nailing. Get the job done 10 times faster than nailing by hand with cap staples. This revolutionary product eliminates pull-through in various applications, including felt, house wrap, and foam board insulation.

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Compatible Equipment

This product is designed to be used with two different tools:

  • Bostitch Cap Stapler (SB150SLBC and SB150SLBC-1) with SL50351G 1" leg 5/16" crown 18 gauge staples.
  • Bostitch Cap Nailer (N66BC-1) with 15-degree wire collated coil nails.


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Superior Customer Satisfaction

At FastenerUSA, we are committed to delivering excellent customer service and support. Whether you need assistance finding the right product or purchasing cap staples, we are here to help.

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