Find All Kinds Of Construction Nails For Your Projects At FastenerUSA

At, you can find a wide selection of types of nails for construction jobs. From copper to stainless steel, browse our nail inventory for the ideal building nails for your project.

About Copper Nails

Copper building nails are ideal for various construction jobs, especially roofing projects. Copper nails are also used as flooring nails and for other jobs such as copper metal fabrication, boat building, and more.

These nails serve as great nails for building because they provide several benefits. For example, they are less prone to rust than other types of nails. Their rust resistance makes them ideal roofing nails since they can endure constant exposure to the elements. For construction work of all kinds, FastenerUSA provides high-quality nails with smooth and ring shanks.

About Corrugated Fasteners

Also known as corrugated construction nails, corrugated fasteners are made of steel and are used in joint fastening applications. Typically used to join pieces of wood, corrugated nails for building are applied with a corrugated fastener. An application example includes joining the sides of a picture frame. At FastenerUSA, you can find a wide range of corrugated nail length sizes for your projects.

About Flooring Cleat Nails

Commonly used as fasteners in hardwood flooring projects, cleat nails for construction are made of stainless steel. In addition to their durability and quality, flooring cleat nails are easy to install on hardwood floors. Specifically designed for hardwood floors, these construction nails prevent wood and tongue splitting during insertion. FastenerUSA is your source for hardwood flooring cleat nails of easier handling, higher quality and greater durability than others in the market.

About Hand Drive Nails

At FastenerUSA, you can find a wide range of hand drive nails for building projects. Ideal for various applications, our hand drive nails are of high-quality stainless steel. Depending on their type, you can use them for light or heavy-duty projects. Our hand drive nails are also available in a variety of nail sizes.

About Reversible Nails

Reversible nails offer bigger holding power than common nails. Additionally, as their name implies, they can be reversed when needed. At Fastener USA, we offer both wire coil and plastic strip reversible nails. From decking to railing and more, you can use our reversible construction nails for various applications.

About Stainless Steel Nails

Our stainless steel building nails include everything from finish nails to coil nails. Made from the highest quality materials and providing guaranteed durability, our stainless steel nails are typically used for outdoor applications.

About Strip Nails

At FastenerUSA, we offer all kinds of strip nails for construction projects. Depending on the type of strip nail, you can use them for framing, sheathing, fencing, and much more. Find the right quality and quantity of strip nail sets you need for the job at FastenerUSA.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.