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15° Plastic Insert

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15° Plastic Insert
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Order plastic collated Hot Dip Coil Nails for a cleaner finish

Made from Hot Dipped wire referred to as HDGW grade on our website. HDGW grade nails are cut to length and heads formed from a large spool of Hot Dipped wire rod. Our HDGW nails will meet and/or exceed the ASTM A153 Class D Fastener specification.

The plastic insert collation is made to reduce the possibility of flying collation debris at the jobsite and the need for cleanup after driving the nail.

Apart from siding, our A153-D Hot Dip Galvanized Nails can be used for a wide range of applications including light framing, decking, box and crate assembly, and roofing using wood shakes. Ring shank nails are also available. The annular thread gives our nails superior holding power that prevents backing out once driven.

While our hot dip galvanized coil nails meet the minimum requirement for ACQ-treated lumber, we don't recommend them for this type of wood. Stainless steel nails are better suited for ACQ-treated lumber.