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Max Rebar Tiers, Tie Wire & Accessories

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Max Rebar Tiers, Tie Wire & Accessories
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MAX Building our World

  1. MAX JPL91440A  Li-ion BATTERY PACK 4.0Ah
    MAX JPL91440A Li-ion BATTERY PACK 4.0Ah

    code: JPL91440A
    Fits Fits RB217, 218, 397, 398, 441T, 517, 518

    3-5 day delivery Nationwide


    code: JC925
    For all Lithium Ion powered Max Rebar Tiers and Max Rebar Cutters

    3-5 day delivery Nationwide

    code: JE200
    Fits RB213-518

    3-5 day delivery Nationwide

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To Save Your Hands and Your Back, Try Max Rebar Tiers and the Max Rebar Extension Bar

Construction sites are dangerous places so anything that you can do to reduce the chance of injury can be helpful to workers and save you increased worker compensation costs. If you are pouring reinforced concrete, you need to tie rebar to form a secure lattice structure prior to the pouring. While iron workers generally tie the rebar by hand using pliers, such repetitive motion can create disability in the hands from carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition, if the rebar lattice is horizontal, the worker can develop back problems from hunching over. You will find a number of products on these pages that will keep iron workers safer on the construction site.

To reduce the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome, you may want to purchase one of the Max rebar tiers. This battery-powered, handheld power tool will tie rebar five times faster than a worker doing so manually. The result is higher productivity and less injury.

If you buy a Max rebar tier, you need additional Max rebar tier batteries and Max rebar tier chargers. Though the lithium-ion batteries in the tools can perform up to 2000 ties without a charge, eventually your tool will need either a charged battery or you will need some downtime while the tier battery charges. To maximize productivity, it pays to keep extra batteries on site so that, while a spent battery is sitting in the charger, you can continue to work.

Another available product that is a back saver is the Max rebar tier extension bar. You can attach this appliance to your handheld cordless rebar tier and tie off rebar from a standing position. There are two versions of the Max rebar extension bar so that you can fit different models.

Finally, you will find tie wire and a Max holster to match your power tier. Tie wire is available in galvanized, poly-coated and regular black annealed steel wire versions, and in a variety of quantities.

We’ve got your back… and your hands.