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20 Gauge Staples

Staples are some of the most convenient and easy to use home and contractor supplies available. However, when it comes to industrial projects like manufacturing, packing, shipping and other warehouse applications, finding the right staple that will suit the job is critical. FastenerUSA’s 20 gauge staples are very versatile. It can help you in a number of different tasks be it at home or in the workplace.

Staples are the supply of choice when it comes to various types of projects because of their high strength along with the high-level of pull resistance. The material that we use at FastenerUSA only enhances the steel staples’ performance, making it durable and reliable.

Read through the items provided below and see why our 20 gauge staples are perfect for you:

  • Selection variety: Customers will get to choose from crown options including 3/8”, 7/16” and 1/2” along with lengths ranging from 1/4” to 9/16” and more. We also supply 18 gauge, 16 gauge stainless steel, in addition to special application staples for hardwood flooring, and pallet buys, 22 and 21 gauge staples.
  • Fine quality: For applications like upholstery or fine design projects, the fine wire will leave a small footprint allowing it to discretely hold everything in place.
  • High quality galvanized and stainless steel staples: the staple’s zinc coating will allow our staples to be used in interior and low corrosion outdoor environments while stainless steel really holds its own against the elements. This means that our products can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, but we specifically recommend using stainless steel for ACQ treated wood, cedar, and redwood. With its stainless finish, there won’t be any discoloration risk.
  • Heavy duty applications: 20 gauge staples are great from applications like roofing felt, carpet installation, upholstery, as well as insulation. The stainless steel will ensure durable, long-lasting products that will stand the test of time.
  • Prompt service and delivery: Need the item immediately? We offer same day shipping as long as you place your order by 2:00 pm pacific standard time U.S.A. on any weekday. We can ship your order out within the same day.

Here at FastenerUSA, we offer a wide selection of heavy-duty home, commercial, industrial supplies including stainless steel collated nails, stainless steel staples, and copper roofing nails, to name a few. For more information on our products and services, feel free to contact us!

We are deeply committed to providing you unparalleled customer service. You may also talk to us via live chat and our skilled technical experts will assist you with any concerns or inquiries.