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15 Gauge

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15 Gauge

15 Gauge Staples

Many make the mistake of buying the wrong staple size for their tool and using their staples for the wrong application. Staple sizes vary depending on the purpose, and are designed for different home and commercial applications. People may also opt to buy a new hammer tacker or stapler gun just so they can use the staple size they have at the moment. Whether you prefer to purchase a new staple size or tool, FastenerUSA can guarantee fast shipping of our products so you can be assured that there won't be any delays to your project.

Before anything else, check the gauge of the wire and the length to make sure that it fits your staple tool. But the specification of the wire will also depend on the job at hand, so be sure to remember that using thin wire staples to bind heavy materials isn't viable nor is it durable. For full millwork and roofing applications including heavy wood shakes, 15 gauge staples have just the right specifications to get the job done. The thickness of the staple crown, the guage of the wire, and the material the staple is made from all play a part in holding the materials together.

These staples can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor work, these staples are ideal for roofing, sheathing, sub-floor, furring, fencing, decking or for crates. The heavy duty industrial quality of our 15 gauge staples offers the strength and holding power that eliminates the risk of a blowout from happening while you're working. Blowouts are commonly encountered when the staple being used ends up splintering the surface of the wood or when it penetrates the soft areas instead of running straight.

For more information, view our full line of staples. You can also contact us by phone or through our website to receive MVP pricing. Our trained staff will be happy to accommodate your concerns and inquiries about our 15 gauge staples.