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Hand Drive Nails

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Hand Drive Nails

High Grade Stainless Steel Hand Drive Nails

Here at FastenerUSA, we supply various types of high-quality hand drive nails for all your construction needs. No matter how excellent your hand nailing skills are, using substandard nails will only compromise the outcome of your project. Your nailing speed and precision will never make up for using inferior tools. Only the best craftsmen use high quality stainless steel to ensure product quality and work safety.

Box Hand Drive Nails

Best used for lighter and smaller projects, the ring shank of our box nails provides high pull out resistance, resulting in locked and secure attachments. A box nail is not intended for heavy duty timber woodworks.

Common Hand Drive Nails

Common nails are often used for general medium to heavy duty timber construction work such as lumber framing. Its diamond point allows it to be driven into tough materials although sometimes its sharp point is dulled to prevent wood splitting.

Finishing Hand Drive Nails

For finishing work such as panel installation, finish nails are advantageous because its small head is not easily noticed. The brad head of our finishing nails are perfect for exterior applications where countersinking is required.

Roofing Hand Drive Nails

Compared to other nails, roofing nails also have larger heads that are wide and flat. These nails are specially designed for roofing applications such as asphalt shingles, slate and clay tiles, as well as sheet metal applications.

Shake and Shingle Hand Drive Nails

Ideal for securing shakes and shingles of all types, the slender annular ring shank of our shake and shingle hand drive nails are designed to reduce splitting and the 7/32” head diameter is specifically designed to secure wood shingles. Approved for use with ACQ treated lumber, cedar and redwood.

Siding Hand Drive Nails

The smaller 5/32” diameter head of these nails work well with siding because it allows the nail to be countersunk without damaging surrounding wood. The head also has a checker pattern so it blends onto the wood grain while reducing glare from sunlight.

Cap Hand Drive Nails

We have stainless steel plastic round cap hand drive nails for house wrap, insulation boards and construction underlayment applications.

Please browse our website to select the right gauge wire and nail dimensions for your hand drive nail needs. All of our products are eligible for free shipping nationwide with 3 to 5 days delivery time. We have no minimum order requirements, so you can buy just what you need.

For product inquiries and other concerns, contact us at sales@fastenerusa.com or call toll free at (877) 593-2723.