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Stainless Steel Finish Nails for Wood Construction and Fastening Applications

For the widest selection of quality stainless steel finish nails in the industry, only FastenerUSA offers the best value for money by offering quality fastening solutions for any wood construction job.

No two projects are alike; different applications call for the use of different nails. With that said, choosing the right kind of nails can make a huge difference in ensuring that your project is a success. Using the wrong type of nails can deter the completion of your work, cause delays, and rack up unnecessary expenses just to fix it.

In the case of finish nails, we currently carry 23 Gauge Micro Pins, 18 Gauge Brads, 16 Gauge Straight and Angled nails available in 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angle, 15 Gauge 25 Degree Angle primarily for Bostitch and 15 Gauge 34 Degree Angle “DA” Series for Senco, Porter Cable, Hitachi, etc.

For large moldings, finish nails made from heavier gauge wire offer more fastening support. They also possess high withdrawal resistance, making them ideal for hardwood floors, baseboards, door and window casings and upholstery trim panels among others. Finish nails may also be used for detailed carpentry jobs such as furniture and cabinet assembly and wood paneling.

For smaller trim work such as fastening quarter round or light chair rail together, brad nails are recommended. They are also ideal for softer woods due to their thin body and light gauge wire. The small head of a brad is not easily seen and its blunt nail point can prevent wood splitting, thus making it a functional and fashionable option for securing inside corners and in small scale woodwork projects.

For fastening applications that call for headless nails like carvings and ornamentals, our micro pins can fasten delicate pieces of trim together without leaving noticeable nail entry holes. To ensure their easy application, helpful arrows are painted on the nail strip towards the nail point so the right nail end is used.

All of our stainless steel finish nails, whether straight or angled, can be used for ACQ treated lumber, cedar and redwood. With anti-corrosive and anti-discoloration properties, they are recommended for exterior and outdoor projects, as well as for acidic or oil based exotic woods.

Feel free to browse our website to find the right nail dimensions and gauge wire you need. If you can't find what you’re looking for, please contact us. We have a vast line of finish nails in different sizes and gauge wires. For product inquiries, you may call our customer service team toll free at (877) 593-2723 or reach us via email at sales@fastenerusa.com.