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#12 x 1" X1S1214 Quik Drive Collated Self-Drilling X Metal Screws Clear-Zinc 1.5M

code: X1S1214
quantity: 1,500 count

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Quik Drive® Self-Drilling X Metal Screws X1S1214

These Quik Drive® Self-Drilling X Metal Screws are 1" length, #12 Diameter (14 threads per inch), 5/16" drive hex washer head. Quik Guard® Coating. For use in the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system. Each box contains 1,500 screws.

• 5/16" hex head
• #3 Drill point
• Hex washer head
• Straight collation
• This screw is also available in bulk for hand-drive installation. Click here for details

Compatible Quik Drive® Tools:

Codes/Standards: ICC-ES ESR-3006, City of LA RR25670 and RR25917, ASTM C1513 compliant, FM Approval #3045651, SDI DDM03, Appendix VII, IAPMO-UES ER-326

Clear-Zinc is an Electroplated clear zinc is applied in accordance with ASTM F1941. In the ASTM B117 salt spray test, clear zinc provides 36 hours of protection before the first appearance of red rust.

These coated fasteners possess a level of corrosion resistance that makes them suitable for use in some exterior and corrosive environments. For applications in higher-exposure applications, consider Type-300 series stainless-steel fasteners for superior corrosion resistance.

WARNING: Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry, interior, and noncorrosive environments only.

Applications Include:
Steel stitching (“side-lap” stitching), cold-formed steel framing

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