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code: CRHD4B
quantity: 1,000 count

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4" Phillips Truss Head Heavy-Duty Roofing Screws OMG CRHD4

The OMG Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener (#14) is designed to secure insulation and single-ply membrane to steel 18 to 22 ga. (1.25 to 0.75mm) steel, wood and structural concrete decks. Factory Mutual and Dade County approved.
Physical Data

  • Fastener Length: 4" (100-mm)
  • Thread Length: 3" (76-mm)
  • Thread Diameter: .245-in. (6.22-mm) 10 threads per inch
  • Head Diameter: .435-in. (11.04-mm)
  • Head Style: #3 Phillips Truss Head (#3 Phillips bit included)
  • Point Type: 30° Spade
  • Coating: OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating exhibits less than 15% red rust after 30 Kesternich cycles. CR-10 coating exceeds F.M. Approval Standard 4470.
  • Weight 34 pounds

Features & Benefits

  • Heavier shank and thread diameters for maximum strength.
  • Deep thread for high pullout resistance.
  • Extra sharp spade point for quick installation in new or reroof applications
  • In concrete applications, fastener may be reversed out of predrilled hole without damaging the deck.


  • For steel decks, 3/4-in. (20mm) penetration is the minimum allowable. Factory Mutual requires that fasteners penetrate the top flute.
  • For OSB and plywood*, 3/4-in. (20mm) penetration through the underside of the board is the minimum allowable. For wood deck (wood beams, wood plank, tongue & groove), 1-in. (25mm) penetration is the minimum allowable.
  • For structural concrete decks 1-in. (25mm) embedment is the minimum allowable. Predrill a 3/16-in. (5mm) pilot hole at least 1/2-in. (13mm) deeper than the fastener embedment using a carbide tip SDS or straight shank bit.
  • Using a screw gun, drive the fastener until a slight depression is seen in the insulation and the plate. On rigid cover boards, care must be taken not to strip the deck.
  • The strength of different roof decks can vary widely and can be adversely affected by moisture and other conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that a fastener pull test be conducted to help evaluate deck condition and fastener suitability. Call OMG to schedule testing.

Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener Length Selection Procedure

  1. If applicable, determine the thickness of the existing roofing material.
  2. Add thickness of new insulation.
  3. For steel, OSB and plywood applications: Add 3/4-inch (20mm) minimum fastener penetration. For structural concrete and wood plank applications: Add 1-in. (25mm) minimum fastener penetration. NOTE:When predrilling for structural concrete, allow an extra 1/2-in.(13mm).
  4. If odd size requirement, always size up in length, not down.

    NOTE: Care must be taken not to overdrive the fastener. Fastener must be tight enough so that the plate doesn’t turn. For best results, use a variable speed 0–2500 RPM screw gun.

    To speed installation, this fastener can be used with the AccuTrac® System and is also available pre-assembled.

    *FM does not approve OSB or plywood deck types.

    Product Data Sheet

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