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3" OMG ASAP HD Steel Plate CRHD3SPGA3CAS 250ct


quantity: 250 count

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CRHD3SPGA3CAS ASAP HD – 3" Heavy Duty Fastener & 3" Steel Plate

The OMG ASAP HD (Assembled Screw And Plate) is designed to secure insulation to steel, wood and structural concrete decks. The OMG ASAP HD is an OMG Heavy Duty Roofing Fastener (#14) assembled with an OMG 3-in. (75mm) Galvalume® plate.

The OMG ASAP HD is Factory Mutual and Miami-Dade County approved.

While most items are in-stock, assembly lead times of 3-5 days may apply for ASAP fasteners. Ask about lead time and please let us know what quantity you are looking for.

Physical Data

  • Fastener Length: 3" (75-mm)
  • Thread Length: Full
  • Thread Diameter: .220-in. (5.58-mm)
  • Head Diameter: .435-in. (11.04-mm)
  • Head Style: #3 Phillips Drive Truss Head (bit included in each carton)
  • Point Type: Drill point.
  • Plate Size: 3" (75-mm) Diameter
  • Plate Material: Galvalume Steel
  • Weight 17 pounds

Features & Benefits

  • The OMG ASAP 3S greatly reduces installation time and labor costs.
  • An OMG Standard Roof Grip Fastener assembled with an OMG 3-in. (75mm) Galvalume® plate.
  • No special installation tool required.
  • Steel plate sits flat on hard cover boards and other high density insulations.


  • OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating passes the corrosion requirements of FM Approval Standard 4470 and ETAG 006.


  • The OMG ASAP 3S must penetrate steel decks a minimum of 3/4-in. (20mm). Drive the fastener until a slight depression is seen around the plate, or with very rigid insulation boards, watch for the plate to dimple.
  • For the fastest, most effective method of installation, use the OMG Tall Boy® tool.
  • Note: Care must be taken not to overdrive the fastener and fracture the skin of the insulation.Fastener must be tight enough so that the plate does not turn.
  • For steel decks, Factory Mutual requires that the fastener penetrate the deck at the top flute.

Plates & Accessories

  • For best installation results, use a variable speed 0–2500 RPM screw gun. For the fastest, most effective method of installation, use the Tall Boy Installation Tool.

OMG ASAP 3S Length Selection Procedure

  1. If applicable, determine the thickness of the existing roofing material.
  2. Add thickness of new insulation.
  3. Add 3/4-inch (20mm) minimum fastener penetration.
  4. If odd size requirement, always size up in length, not down.

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